Aluminum Ceramic Coatings

Used primarily to protect against corrosion and erosion on steel parts operating up to 1100°F, CeralUSA's Aluminum Ceramic Coatings provide a barrier between the substrate and the environment and can be made conductive to provide galvanic and sacrificial protection. They are resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuel and hot water, thermal shock and impact damage, and can be applied using conventional spray, dip and brush techniques.

CEC 61  |  MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
This completely chrome-free, non-hazardous, air-drying touch-up was designed for small repairs to our Aluminum Ceramic Coatings.

Ceral 66XL  |  Product Brochure  | MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
Our revolutionary new completely chrome-free, non-hazardous aluminum silicate coating passes the most stringent OEM specifications.

Ceral® 34 aka Ceral® 34SC  |  Product Brochure  | MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
Our most popular product, low-chrome Ceral 34 is proven to perform better than or equal to competitive products and is approved by multiple OEMs.  NSN 8030-01-571-1611 (6850-01-571-1611)

Ceral® 114  |  MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
A predecessor of Ceral 34, low-chrome Ceral 114 is approved by multiple OEMs.

Top Coats and Sealers

CeralUSA's Top Coats and Sealers are designed to improve corrosion resistance, surface finish, and longevity of CeralUSA's Aluminum Ceramic Coatings. Versatility is an added bonus, as these coatings are available in a quick release variety as well as in a wide array of colors.

CEC 51  |  Product Brochure  |  MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
Our completely chrome-free, non-hazardous top coat was designed for use on CEC 66, but has been successful as a top coat on Ceral 34 and Ceral 114 as well. Available with PTFE and/or Pigment.

Ceral® 50  |  Product Brochure  | MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
Zero hex-chrome Ceral 50, when used as a top coat for Ceral 34, has been proven to perform equal to or better than competitive products and is approved by multiple OEMs. Available with PTFE and/or Pigment. NSN 8030-01-571-1607 (6850-01-571-1607)

Ceral® VPW 350/1  |  MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
Ceral VPW 350/1 was designed as a top coat for Ceral 114 and is approved by multiple OEMs.

Diffusion Coating Products

Used primarily to protect against corrosion and erosion on parts operating up to 1830°F, CeralUSA's diffusion coating products are the environmentally friendly, more cost effective replacement for antiquated processes such as pack cementation, chemical vapor deposition, plasma spray, electron beam evaporation and electroplating. Our diffusion slurries are produced in plain and silicon modified aluminide formulations.

LSR® Sialoy  |  Product Brochure  |  MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
Patented by Liburdi Engineering and manufactured and distributed by CeralUSA, LSR Sialoy is a completely chrome-free silicon modified aluminide diffusion coating providing protection from erosion and sulfidation in the hot section. This product has been in use by major OEMs since 1999. NSN 8030-01-593-7078 (6850-01-593-7078); US Patent 6,805,906

LSR® H2O Sialoy  |  MSDS  |  Tech Bulletin
he diffused LSR H2O Sialoy coating provides the same protection as the original LSR Sialoy however it's built on a water-based binder. Some customers prefer this water-based binder as it makes LSR H2O a drop-in replacement for the legacy diffusion coatings they're accustomed to. LSR-H2O contains neither hazardous ingredients nor does it produce hazardous by-products as a result of being diffused.

Ceral® 10 
Ceral 10 is a silicon doped slurry diffusion aluminide coating specifically designed to protect superalloys. Ceral 10 provides excellent protection against erosion, high temperature oxidation as well as high temperature and low temperature corrosion. Ceral 10 contains a small amount of Cr6+.


CeralUSA promotes the use of proper equipment for the storage, preparation, application and finishing of our engineered coatings.

CeralUSA Rolling Machine  |  Product Brochure 
This light weight, low profile roller unit was designed as a compact, space saving instrument which may be used continuously to keep product solids in suspension. 

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