CeralUSA and Liburdi Engineering Introduce Chrome-Free Water-Based Diffusion Coating for Turbine Applications - LSR-H2O

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 22 April 2014
CeralUSA, LLC, manufacturer of environmentally friendly coatings, and Liburdi Engineering Limited, a provider of specialized technologies, systems, and repair services to industry, announced today the release of their new line of chrome-free, water-based diffusion coatings, marketed as LSR-H20.

LSR-H2O and our highly successful LSR solvent-based coatings respond to the need for environmentally friendly alternatives to legacy, chrome-containing diffusion coatings. Both LSR coatings produce a highly effective layer protecting nickel and cobalt substrates from corrosion, erosion, and sulfidation at temperatures up to 1835 F. (1000 C.) and do so without using chemicals targeted by EPA or REACH restrictions. 

LSR-H2O has been developed to accommodate those customers who prefer working with water-based slurries.  Final properties of the as-diffused coating meet or exceed the performance of legacy coatings such as Sermaloy J and our own Ceral 10. LSR-H2O is currently available as an aluminum-only slurry (LSR-H2O Aloy) or with an Aluminum Silicon addition (LSR-H2O Sialoy). Other variants are under development.

LSR H20 will be manufactured and sold from CeralUSA’s Oklahoma City production facility.

“A water-based version of our LSR slurry is something that fits well in our own coating facility”, stated Robert Tollett, Liburdi’s Director of Marketing.  “Water-based gives us finer control over coating thickness. It also makes for easier handling and cleanup”. 

“We are very excited to unveil another cutting-edge environmentally friendly coating alternative”, stated Suzanne Bodger, Principal at CeralUSA, LLC. “This type of innovation epitomizes the foundation on which CeralUSA was built.“

About Liburdi
With its head office in Dundas, Ontario, Canada, Liburdi provides a diverse range of turbine services, metallurgical analysis, mechanical design, performance monitoring, repair development and corporate research and development. Liburdi has pioneered in the development of several unique vapor coating processes capable of depositing wear resistant and oxidation resistant coatings. For further information about Liburdi, visit www.liburdi.com.

About CeralUSA
CeralUSA is a Woman Owned Small Business based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. CeralUSA is well known for its “green” aerospace coatings, making waves with Ceral 3450, the low-chrome drop-in replacement for legacy Aluminum Ceramic coatings such as Sermetel W. For further information about CeralUSA, LLC, or for detailed information regarding LSR H2O, visit us a www.ceralusa.com

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